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The last kingdom S4: Joseph Millson Piques Fans Curiosity By Hinting The Return Of Uhtred’s Uncle Aelfric

The last kingdom is a high British historical drama covering the period of England’s invasion where Danes overpowered Uhtred of Saxon. This series till date has provided three excellent seasons showing the war and maintaining the kingdom vibe.

It is a lot tough for such a period drama film to hit success as the audience must feel the environment of the particular period. So the makes of The Last Kingdom were completely exceptional in depicting this to the audience.

Return of the Aelfric :

Aelfric, the uncle of Uhtred played by Joseph Millson, has recently spoken out a lot of things while shooting for the fourth season of the last kingdom. He felt terrific to play the role back and was a lot contented to back in the team.

Talking about the changes in the production values after Netflix has acquired the rights from the BBC, he has said that the standards of the series were excellent right from its start thanks to the fantastic work of director Nick Murphy and Chas Bain. He even felt a lot of fun in maintaining the script as a secret and not let any facts out. Talking about the motivation, he said that he has read the first two Saxon Stories of Bernard Cornwell and instantly fell in love and also got into the track of it.

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He said that the character had got a lot of things to be done in the future and he felt a lot happy to be joining the team and teased that he would not expect the same from his nephew. Finally, he concluded saying that season 4 will carry people to some high production values that completely world-class and some itches are going to be finally scratched here.

It is going to hit soon than expected :

After an overwhelming response from the fans for all the three seasons, the team of The Last Kingdom have announced for the fourth instalment of series in 2018. So in 2019, all the filming part has been over.

So soon the team is going wrap up everything, and we can expect the fourth instalment of this series in 2020. As of now, no official date has come from the team, but, in mid-2020, we can see the season hitting the Netflix.

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