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Coronavirus-Pandemic Drags Jaden Smith Indoors, Actor Social-Distancing Even From His Family

The coronavirus pandemic made the celebrated Smith family gather for an emergency meeting. The popular Facebook talk show run by the family was graced by the presence of Will Smith along with wife Jada Smith. Daughter Willow, son Trey, and Jada’s mother Adrienne Banfield Jones. An emergency gathering of the family for an emergency edition of Red Table Talk was called to discuss the coronavirus pandemic.

The entire family all together in tough times, spread the word of precaution against the virus. But there was one person that was missing from the meeting. It looks like Jaden Smith is staying really aloof these days.

Jaden Smith Resumes To Social Distancing

Jaden Smith can be called one responsible kid out there. The Karate Kid star is now socially distancing himself from his family.

In an attempt to safeguard his grandmother, 66. The famous actor, songwriter, the singer made attempts to help her grandmother stay away from the virus. He even distanced himself from his family.

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In the latest episode of The Red Table Talk, Jaden opted to abstain from joining his family as a precautionary measure after the coronavirus outbreak.

“He Decided To Stay Indoors”

Although Jada Smith, while in the talk show shed some light on her son’s decision for not attending the family gathering. Above all, she said, “Just like other families around the world. We are trying to navigate through all the information out there about Covid-19. Speaking of families, we can see that Jaden is not here because he is a responsible young person.”

She added, “He is practising social distancing, he has been doing a lot of travelling, and his main concern has been about Grammy.”

Jaden Smith’s grandmother appreciated this gesture from her 21-year-old grandson. Well, this move by Jaden Smith is a shout out to. All the youngsters out there to be all caution while this pandemic persists.

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