Presley Gerber fakes 2nd Tattoo On Face: Threatens Followers About Deleting His Instagram.


We have usually seen famous people who love to tattoo their faces. Celebrities these days have grown a tendency to update their fans with freshly-inked body parts every now and then. Looks like it is the most hyped activity these days.

Getting face-inked is the new trend

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It is just the third month of 2020 and we see the weirdest of celebrity-tattoos. Chris Brown having a large sneaker on his cheek, Amber Rose getting her kids’ names across her forehead. Post Malone already had a bunch of tattoos already didn’t hesitate to put another buzzsaw tattoo to the collection. Just last month, son of the supermodel Cindy Crawford, Presley Gerber inked the word “MISUNDERSTOOD” on his cheekbone.

Ever since Gerber got the tattoo, he has been talking about it nonstop. When some people opposed and sent hate comments on his way, he just posted another picture. This time he had a long caption ready to be thrown on the face of haters. He said that most people get facelifts, change genders, get lip injections and they are never said anything.

Presley Gerber feels attacked:

Probably because it is called offensive in today’s age. “but I get a little face tattoo and now people love to hate me,” says the 20-year-old in his Instagram story. He also invites everyone who has a problem with the design, has “shit to say”, or anything else, to come and say it to his face.

Amid all these Gerber posted another picture and this time with a second tattoo – the Los Angeles Dodgers logo inside a star. However, just when people were all going gaga over it, he said that it was just a filter. He then said to his followers – “STFU please or imma delete my gram it stressful”

As we know, the stress levels are already high around the world with the coronavirus pandemic. People have so many things to worry about when our world is being ravaged by a global pandemic. The least we can do is, act maturely.


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