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Is It True The HBO’s Euphoria Season 2 Production Has Been Stopped?

The Popular HBO web series ‘Euphoria’ will be coming soon with a second season. Fans are rejoiced and are eagerly waiting for a second installment with more vigor and excitement.

The show is based on the lives of high school students. It revolves around their life, love life, and their day to day troubles. No doubt why the show has received such great acceptance from both viewers and its fans. The show cast the famous star, Zendaya, making it one of the most searched words on google in 2019.

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What Do we know about the story to be followed?

Although there are not many details that have been cleared. But according to us, the upcoming episodes will bring more clarity about Rue. Gia, Rue’s younger sister could be given more space and we can explore more of her character.

Is it true that the production has been stopped?

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According to our reports, it has been confirmed by the shows production team that there would be a few new additions to the show. But there is no news at the present time.

The show’s production has already started. The production of the show was going smoothly up until bad luck struck upon it. For the time being The production of the show has been put on hold until further notice. The decision was taken to see the situation on the outbreak of the pandemic created by COVID-19.

The first season of the show was released in 2019.

There are no new updates or no new information has been revealed by the production house. There is no release date as of now, nor anycast detail for the second season of ‘Euphoria’. There are many theories indicating the release of the show this year, but nothing is confirmed.

COVID-19 has taken its toll on the movie industry. Not only Euphoria many other shows have also been canceled. Looking at the grave risk to peoples health all major production house has canceled their scheduled till further notice.

Fans can only hope that the pandemic rises quickly and can enjoy our favorite shows as soon as possible.

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