Grab A Bag Of Chips As Here Are The Best Netflix Shows To Binge Watch Right Now.


Netflix is releasing a lot of amazing show and series recently. Considering it is the right time to binge watch all these dramas, here are the best one to watch on Netflix.

Schitt’s Greek

This show is set in Canada. This show showcases a story from riches to rags in the most funniest way possible. It’s the best show to watch of you want to laugh your heart out.

Black Mirror

This show is a techno-thriller anthology series. This show puts forward how technology which was supposed to make human lives better also had very dark side to it.

The Crown

This show shows the life of Queen Elizabeth ll. It’s a fan-favorite show. It mainly focuses on her era of reign. It’s currently in its third season.

When They See Us

This show shows actual story based of Exonerated Five. It’s a limited series. The show starts with a woman being brutally attacked in Central Park. Then as it proceeds, five teenage boys from Harlem are falsely accused and are tortured by the judicial system.

Sex Education

This show revolves around the life of socially awkward teenager. It starts when the teenager, Otis, begins a sex therapy clinic in his school. The show is very funny and entertaining. Not only that, it also points out on how poor public school sex education really can be.


This show focuses on two different timelines. One is about a teenager who got raped after which the police call her a liar. Another one, which is about two detectives hunting for a rapist who is showed as the same man who raped the teenager in the first story.

Stranger Things

This show revolves around a small town which was hugely effected by some kind of paranormal and supernatural life. The show is in its fourth season now. It is one of the best shows to binge watch.

BoJack Horseman

This series is marked as it’s the first animated Netflix original. The story revolves around Will Arnett who plays the role of BoJack, a middle-aged, a celebrity star of a sitcom from the 90s. But this guys happens to be a horse. It touches upon reality themes like alcohol, drugs and mental health.


The storyline for this revolves around a crush between a bookstore manager and writer. But this cute moments quickly takes a dark turn when Joe (Penn Badgley) becomes obsessed with his new girlfriend. This show can come under genre of thriller.


The show is set In the time period of 1970s, when two FBI agents try to understand and catch serial killers by going in depth and studying their behaviour and psychology.


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