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2020 Vouches For ‘Sudden Death’ Renewal With New-Spin

The 1995 terrorist thriller, Sudden Death is now up for renewal. Fans of the thriller are literally thrilled after Netflix on Tuesday announced its 2020 remake. The remake will be called Welcome to Sudden death. Fans of the film franchise are going nuts all over the world.

The 1995 film, had Belgian actor, Jean Claude Van Damme. It is this movie that helped him gain much fame and he is known around the world because of this action crime package of his. In addition to this, many action buffs cite Sudden Death as the actor’s best works of all time.

Netflix Promises Remake

As cited above, Netflix has indeed announced officially that a remake of the film will be done soon. The remake i.e. Welcome to Sudden Death is slated for a June 2020 release. The film will star Michael Jai White and comic Gary Owen.

The new spin is at par with its original film. As in the previous film, one can find a lot of action and thrill coupled with martial arts. Netflix has promised that the new movie will have all this and a hint of comedic twist.

New Spin-Off Has No Van Damme

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Van Damme had done a commendable job in the previous film. The film had gathered mixed reactions from critics and viewers. Sudden death had earned $20.3 million in the US during its theatrical run throughout 1996. But the film had done very well internationally and earned a gross of $64 million. The budget of Sudden Death was $35 million overall.

But this time, Van Damme will not feature in the spin-off. The new cast is in full gusto for the 2020 release of Welcome to Sudden Death. Fans from around the world are freaking over the new film release. Looks like fans from around the world will have a tough wait till June 2020.

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