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Watchmen Season 2- Will Return Now? Release Date, Cast; Plot; Interesting Views.

People who have watched Watchmen probably know what a terrible cliff-hanger it was left on. Doctor Manhattan was dead, and his wife decided to do something crazy. Angela Abar decided to swallow an egg that might or might not give her godly powers. After that, she goes to the swimming pool to try if she could walk on water.

And the season just got over at this particular scene. The closing scene showed Angela’s foot positioned as if to take the first step and kept hovering over the surface of the water. So the big question remains.

Are we going to see what will happen next?

Unfortunately, our questions will forever remain unanswered. HBO has announced that it is improbable for the series to have a continuation. Without Damon Lindelof deciding to leave the Watchmen world behind, it is quite a sure for the series to end.

In January, he confirmed that he won’t be making a return for the second season. HBO’s programming head, Casey Bloys also made a statement that it would be impossible and hard to continue without having Damon together. As a result, fans’ hopes to know the story is probably out of hand.

Lindelof reveals the secrets:

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Lindelof didn’t think it to be a good idea to keep the series a secret. As he wouldn’t be on board for a new season, he couldn’t keep his ambivalence. In an interview, Lindelof told that he wanted to make sure that everyone who was going to see the series knew the design of the season, especially after what happened to his previous works – Lost and the way that the dramas unfolded.

“I wanted everyone to know this is not the middle of the trilogy, this is not the beginning of a seven-season run,” he adds. Later, that same month, he also revealed that he didn’t have any ideas for the upcoming seasons.

So, if we make our own story, Angela probably has Doctor Manhattan’s powers. This probably means that the story is almost resolved. It’s a shame that one of the best new shows of HBO in years won’t be returning for a second season.

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