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Demi Lovato Onto Her Next Move Of Inspiring Women: DELETES All Her Sexy Pictures On IG But Why?

Demi Lovato has never lost a single chance to be the type of celebrity that our world needs. She has put continuous efforts to serve as an inspiration to many people. The life of the singer herself had never been smooth. Still, she continues to smile, love herself and teach her fans the same mantra.

A third Sherlock Holmes movie was promised to be filmed almost 3 years ago by Robert Downey Jr. Well, years after the sequel A Game of Shadows finally reached cinemas, Sherlock Holmes 3 is here! Warner Bros. has announced and confirmed the release date. Both Downey and side-kick Jude Law might be coming back to the series’ third installment. It will be out on 25 December 2020.

Guy Ritchie may or may not return to helm the movie. At the moment, the director is busy with Disney’s live-action adaptation of Aladdin. He might also rejoin his roots with the British gangster flick Toff Guys. Stay tuned to find out more details about the return of Sherlock Holmes and what Robert Downey Jr. has got to say!

Downey on Sherlock movies

Robert Downey Jr. said in 2016 that when they are making those Sherlock Holmes movies, it is off the hook. He said that it is quite a big deal to go and do those movies. He said that he is tired all the time, but this hasn’t stopped him from being excited about Sherlock Holmes!

The actor said that Ritch and Jude had postponed the dates because of his busy schedule all year round. This is also the reason why the follow-up to 2011’s A Game of Shadows. This was a sequel to 2009’s Sherlock Holmes.

Reprising the role of Sherlock

In Sherlock Holmes 3, Robert Downey will take over the role of Sherlock. He is all charged up after the success of Iron Man. It is what began the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2008. Based on a character by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Downey signed with Guy Ritchie’s live-action movie adaptation. He reprised the role of two years later, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. As his third adventure, he is returning as the popular fictional private detective.

Her Motto: Self-love

Her Instagram was filled with her sexy selfies which showed us that Demi Lovato just wasn’t a person who was good looking both inside out. Moreover, she taught people what beauty truly meant, and she never set any beauty standards. She has now found another way to inspire her fans. She has now removed all her sexy selfies from her Instagram handle at @ddlovato

Lovato and her rough past:

The singer had a rough past. She had stopped posting on her social media account and went to rehab. She took enough care of herself and was back with a bang. After she made her appearance on Instagram again, she was showered with love from her fans, aka ‘Lovatics’. She started posting beautiful and happy pictures for her 78.7 million followers. The fans had been posting words of encouragement and support ever since she left for rehab.

The woman we are talking about is a real example of self-confidence and self-love. She had been the most adored celebrity, even without the so-called ideal body type. The ‘Sorry, Not Sorry’ singer has encouraged women of every age group to accept the flaws within and continue to shine.

She is off to a new start:

Besides, this time, Lovato has deleted all her selfies as an attempt to remove the notion of people to have a defined body structure. She doesn’t want anyone to look up to her. We believe this is about embracing yourself and not setting standards. This is women-empowerment.

Some of her deleted pictures include her cute-flowery bikini pictures where she radiated happiness, and others include one-piece swimsuits and bathing suits.

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