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Beforeigners: HBO’s Time Travel Nordic Series Trailer Out

Si-fi has always been an exciting genre. Which one can explore the weighty dark and convivial topics. The six-episode HBO miniseries “Beforeigners” is about immigrants from the past! The first trailer is out and it gives a remarkable si-fi chill. Beforeigners is a Norwegian-language series produced by HBO Europe.


The show is based in the future. The Norwegian show begins when people. From three different and distinct periods– The stone age. The Viking era, and the 1800s all start to appear all out of the blue in the modern-day Oslo. These people have no memory of how they jumped through time and are branded as “Beforeigners”. These individuals are treated as second class citizens. Years after (18 years). The mysterious appearance of the Beforeigners.

The so-called “Beforeigners” struggle to integrate. Into modern Norwegian society. Some 19th Century folks took on jobs as journalists. Teachers, and office workers. Most of the Vikings are homeless and sleeps in the parks. The stone age people live in the forest.

One Viking era time traveler Alfhildr Enginsdottir(Krista Kosnen). Is teamed up with cop Lars Haaland (Nicolai Cleve Broch). They both investigate the murder of a stone age era women. Their investigation leads to some pretty. Unexpected and nail bitting discoveries.

Production and Cast

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Created by Eilif Skodvin and Anne Bjørnstad. And directed by Jen Lien. It is not usual for HBO to pull in an international show like this. But Netflix also broadcasted Germany’s Dark. The streaming services are now seeing an opportunity. Of success with international shows.

Nicol Cleve Broch as Lars Haaland. Krista Kosnesn as Alfhild Enginnsdóttir, Krista Kosnen as Urõr Sighatsdottir, Ellie Harboe as Ada. The filming of the show took place in Oslo and Lithuania. All the six episodes of the mini-series are now available to watch on HBO, HBO Go and HBO Now.

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