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Flagging Beau Daniel Ishag Immature, ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Farrah Abraham Ends Relationship

Farrah Abraham, who is the teen mom OG, is now off if single after having parted ways with her beloved boyfriend Daniel Ishag. The adorable and much looked up to pair had finally separated as they felt incompatible. According to other sources, the pair believed, after several months of dating, that they were in different phases of their life.

However, Debra Danielsen, Abraham’s mother had confirmed the news of her daughter’s split. Apparently the couple broke up when she had introduced Ishag pilot and Morgan Stanley strategist, to her 11-year-old daughter Sophia. According to Danielsen her daughter was simply not meant to be with Ishag.

Nonetheless, the mother believed that the relationship was too much about the other boy. As a mother, she believes her daughter ended it perfectly. Her daughter blocked and deleted the guy. However according to the mother and probably even Abraham “He was immature”.

The Split Had Been After The Couple Celebrated Ishag’s Birthday

The split had been only after the two had just celebrated Ishag’s birthday. According to reports Ishag’s birthday was celebrated in Mexico. According to another source the couple had been dating for months.

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The mother, Danielsen stated that she only wants her daughter to be happy. However, she also claimed that she had even tried and thought about meeting her daughter’s boyfriend.

Abraham’s Mother Wants To Meet Her Daughter’s Ex-Boyfriend

Danielsen, as a mother, stated, “I’m hoping I get to meet him soon and I could have an opportunity to find out what he’s all about. I trust her judgment. I’m really excited to meet this person,” According to another source the mother stated that she really wants her daughter to be happy, that is the only thing she wants.

However, Abraham has not commented on her relationship. It seems that the only thing she is interested in is her relationship with her daughter, Sophia. However, Sophia has also released the track Bestie Best Friend. Abraham commented that it was a major moment for not only her daughter but also for herself.

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