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Chris Brown And Ammika Harris Surge Heated Comments Over Asian Parenting Style

Adorable baby boy pictures of Aeko Catori Brown are doing the rounds on the internet. Chris Brown’s baby mama, Ammika Harris, had graced the internet with her baby boy’s pictures. However, the internet cannot seem to get enough of the adorable cutie pie pictures.

The Model Uploaded Pictures Of Her Baby Boy

The model had taken to social media to upload pictures of her beautiful baby boy and delighted her fans with a few pictures. Her fans cannot get over the cuteness overload from this adorable baby of two extremely good looking people.

In her post, baby boy, Aeko Catori Brown is merely sleeping and that serene and adorable picture has everyone’s heart. In another post-baby mama, Ammika Harris showed the world how big her baby boy has grown. According to most people, baby boy, Aeko Catori Brown, seems to be taking over his famous father’s looks.

The Comment Section Of This Adorable Baby Became A Heated Racial Debate

However, the comment section of this adorable seemed to get heated up after a light banter. While some commented extremely kindly and politely, others did not do so. One person even commented “Everything about him from head to toe !! Smh u finna girls at your door pulling up.”. However, another person commented “He was gone be in kindergarten telling a person his address. They lil kids finna be like “mommy breezy’s son lives here.”

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The debate soon took a racial turn on brown parenting and the clapbacks from other races were pretty on point. While one person commented: “It doesn’t work like that with Asian parents! We’re going to have applications for these girls to fill out�, maybe just maybe because they have different mothers 🙄. And he looks like Chris” The other person replied quite aptly saying even in other cultures parents do not just want anyone for their children. They want their children to pair up with the very best.

However, there were even neutral and understanding statements and comments on the mother’s post. They called out on the other people’s trolls and questioned their reason for concern. They asked the other people to show respect to both the mother and the child.

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