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Ratched Season 1: Netflix Revives Classic Character Of ‘Nurse Ratched’ With Ryan Murphy

As a part of Ryan Murphy’s output on Netflix, a classic character is being revived by Netflix. The only reason why this series is coming on Netflix is the involvement of Ryan Murphy. This man has an overall output deal with this streaming service. For most of the prolific hits on Netflix, this producer has been directly responsible. After a heavy bidding war on the title, it was finally picked up by Netflix in 2017. The fight was with Hulu and Apple which also reportedly wanted the show.

Nurse Rachet is the character on which the series is primarily focused on. From the classic 1962 novel named One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, her character has been taken. There was also a movie that followed the book about thirteen years later. ABC’s Once Upon A Time has also used this marvelous character. Stay tuned to find more about the series which has fans of the book and the movie gaga over it.

An origin story of sorts

This Netflix show is expected to be an origin story of sorts. It will focus on how this character evolved into a monster by sucking off of people in the mental health care system. Fox 21 Television Studios, which is owned by Disney now, is behind the series. It is set to be an arm’s dealer, at the moment, for a wide range of networks. Ratched and The Politician will be produced by the company for Netflix as well.

Nevelot for Apple TV+, Hitman for Hulu, Tales from the Loop for Amazon Prime are the projects being developed by them. The company is also working on titles for Quibi, Showtime and USA Network. The main writer behind the show is Even Romansky, along with Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan. Nelson Cragg, Jennifer Lynch, and Ryan Murphy are the directors.

Sarah Paulsen leads the show

Sarah Paulsen will be playing Nurse Mildred Ratched. She had also taken up a recent role in American Horror Story season 8. As a result, she is very popular with her other roles in Murphy titles. She is also part of the wildly successful Netflix movie from 2018, Bird Box.

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