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Upon Dismissing Her Assistant Kaley Cuoco Reverts To Raging Backlash

Kaley Cuoco’s bad temperament and inconsiderate reaction towards her assistant’s meagre mistake had created quite a stir among her fans. According to reports Emma, Kalet’s assistant, had accidentally ordered Salmon and mushrooms for the actress’s lunch. However, the star responded to the backlash she had received from her fans.

Fans Were Upset With The Way Kaley Reacted To Emma’s Mistakes

Nonetheless, the former actress of the big bang theory had even uploaded a series of Emma’s mistakes. Kaley Cuoco had uploaded the series on her Instagram account. The backlash had started when Kaley had outed her assistant in videos on Instagram for bringing her mushrooms. The star was busy filming for her new series The Flight Attendant in New York.

Kaley Had Asked Emma To Order Lunch And Her Mistaken Order Had Enraged The Actress

However, Kaley had asked Emma to order lunch for her. The tragedy began when the meal that was brought to the set included mushrooms. According to Kaley the one thing that she hated the most was mushrooms. Mushrooms disgusted her. She claimed that she was so disgusted by the mushrooms on her plate that she didn’t even touch the salmon. As the fish had been in contact with the fungi. Kaley went on about Emma’s errors multiple times in her video.

Kaley Claimed That Her Reaction Was Not A Reflection Of Her True Feelings

Nonetheless, with the immense backlash and criticism, Kaley told her fans that her instant reaction does not negate the fact that she loves her assistant. It does not in any way reflect her true feelings for her “wonderful” Assistant. She even asked “Emma, are you upset with me that I outed you in regards to the mushrooms?”. However, Kaley went ahead to ask about her feelings regarding the entire fiasco in which even her fans got involved.

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