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Unlike The Happy Ending In Catfish, Are Aaliyah And Jaquan Not Together?

Aaliyah and Jaquan had a perfect happily ever after ending to their story. The last few minutes of the Catfish episode seemed to tell their happy tale to the audience. However, that might be the last of fans will know of the couple and their relationship status.

The Couple Met Each Other Through Social Media

The couple, Aaliyah and Jaquan, met each other on Instagram. Nonetheless, Aaliyah is from Vegas, while Jaquan is from Baltimore. However, Aaliyah slid into his DMs, and they seemed to be hitting it off for a year and a half. However, her cousin Pialeah did not believe or trust Aaliyah’s long-distance cousin. Pialeah asked Nev and Kamie for help.

According to Nev, Kamie, and Pialeah everything looked fake. They felt even surer when they came to know that Jaquan often refused to meet Aaliyah. The couple had never met face to face in person. What startled them more was when they knew that Jaquan didn’t even want to share any new pictures of him with his girlfriend. Nev and Kamie were sure that the guy was catfishing Aaliyah.

Jaquan Flew Down To LA To Explain Himself To His Beloved

However, surprisingly, Jaquan wasn’t lying about his identity. He even flew to LA to meet Aaliyah, and after the initial shock faded away, the two hit it off. He explained to her his situation, his reasons, and reluctance. They cleared the air between them. He even told about his plans to fly down to LA and follow his career alongside her. However, this wasn’t just another case of identity theft and catfishing.

Nev And Kamie Advice To Slow Things Down

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However, Nev and Kamie were supportive of the couple and even suggested that they take things slow. Hence they called the couple, after a month, to check in upon them and were shocked to see that the two of them were in Baltimore. However, the present status and the location of the couple is unknown as they are not primarily on social media

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