Schoolboy, 13, Had Baby With Married Babysitter, As She Seduced Him With Fish And Chips


There was a very recent trial at the Crown court that consists of sexual activity between a babysitter and a kid. The allegations say that the babysitter was 17 years old at that time when this happened.

The name of the baby sitter is Leah Cordice and she is a marries woman. Now, she has a baby that she made with a 13 years old boy, whom she went for baby-sitting.

Teen Girl Seduced Boy For Which She Was Baby-Sitting:

According to the charges, when the girl was 17 years old, she went to a 13 years old boy for baby-sitting. She tried to seduce the boy when he was playing video games in his X-Box. He was in his bedroom at that time. The girl pulled down his trousers and asked for sex. They had sex twice a month at that time. The baby-sitter then conceived a baby girl.

The victim was offered fish and chips by her as presents and she also sends some complementary texts to keep their relationship alive. But she failed to do so and they broke up soon before the girl turned 18. Now, at the trial, the presiding judge Peter Clarke QC, after hearing the verdict says that he is going to consider it as a custodial sentence.

What Was The Council’s Opinion:

If it had been a reverse case then there might have been a different opinion by the council. The girl also accused the boy of raping her but there was clear evidence. That she had sexual activity with a minor and she is the only one who is responsible. The boy would definitely feel about the situation. As a father, after he realizes what happened to him, this is really sad.

The girl should be punished in equal order as a man is punished for commencing a crime of having sexual activities with a 13 years old boy. The court is adjourned till the next month.



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