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Mustering Courage, R. Kelly To File Plea Against Federal Charges

R Kelly would appear before the court once again not only for the previous cases against him but also a new one against a minor. Kelly is expected to enter into an updated federal indictment. The charges against him include sexual abuse and violence against a new minor accuser.

Kelly Has New Allegations Of Abusing Another Minor

However, Kelly who is 53 years old is expected not to plead guilty to the numerous counts against him. Nonetheless the cases against him also include numerous counts of illegal child pornography.

According to recent reports, the reworked documents also include the previous 13 counts and an additional case of a minor. Nonetheless the new accuser is only addressed as Minor 6 and there is no additional information that has been disclosed.

The Arraignment On Friday Could Go Into Any Direction

According to reports, the new arraignment on Friday could be an opportunity to know more about the incident and the accuser. This could help the prosecutors to move further ahead with the new allegations against the Grammy-winning artist. However, there are possibilities of the trial date being pushed back.

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According to some people, the upcoming arrangement could be an opportunity for District Judge Harry Leinenweber to push back the trial date. However, till now Kelly has denied every being a perpetrator of violence or abuse against any of the accusers.

There Are Multiple Sexual Assault, Abuse And Racketeering Charges Against Kelly

In Spite of the denials, there are multiple cases of misconduct, misdemeanor and sexual abuse placed against Kelly. From cases of sexual assault to even heading a racketeering team aimed to supply girls is placed against Kelly. Nonetheless, the federal charges in Chicago even include Kelly filming himself having sex with minor girls. Kelly has also been charged for trying to pay off witnesses. He had even tried to get them to change their stories.

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