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Celine’s Stern Face LITERALLY Upon A Fan Singing Out To Her Is Winning The Web (Not My Heart)

Often there are adorable fan moments that stirs the internet. Recently the video of a girl singing in front of her idol is doing the rounds. It is not only her beautiful song which had taken the internet by storm but also Celine Dion’s expression.

Celine’s Facial Expression Had Taken The Internet By Storm

Nonetheless, the video showcased Celine’s stone face with a little head tilt backward. Celine’s cold expression has surely become a meme across all social media platforms. However though Celine Dion’s expression has become the talk on the internet, the fan girl’s song is praised. Some had even claimed that the can’t passionate song has the voice of maybe an upcoming singer.

While The Random Girl Gave The World Her Best Singing Performance, Celine Gave The World An Iconic Facial Expression

Nonetheless, Celine Dion had been having concert tours, selling out tickets and giving fashion goals on social media platforms. However this time it is none of these that is making the headlines but her expressions, even though her eyes could not be seen, from behind the sunglasses. Nonetheless, it is the girl’s most proud moment to be singing in front of the most iconic voices of the world.

According to reports, the comments on the video are as good as the video itself. It is full of good vibes and best wishes. Yes, the internet seems to be not all cruel and inconsiderate. Nonetheless, Twitter had even posted Celine Dion getting emotional over her own idol Whitney Houston. It had been an emotional moment and it happens to everyone.

The Story Was Different From How It Appeared To Be

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However, according to a new report the singing star, Celine Dion, had apparently asked her driver to stop to hear this girl’s singing. Moreover when the girl had stopped singing Celine smiled and handshake with her.

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