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Megan Thee Unfolds About Her Record Company 1501 Barring Her From Releasing New Music Through Fraudulent Contracts

Megan Thee Stallion had released new information about her contract restricting her from producing any new music. The rapper took to Instagram to tell her fans of her difficult plight. Record Label 1501 Certified Entertainment had made her sign a contract which is now restricting her.

Megan Claimed That The Details Of The Contract Were Unclear

According to the Houston rapper, the contract details were unclear. In the beginning, when she had been asked to sign, she did not fully understand the terms and conditions. However, when she had asked to renegotiate the contract she was shocked. According to Megan Thee, she was barred from producing any new song.

However, according to reports, the rapper had filed a lawsuit against 1501. Megan has sought the termination of her contract. However, a temporary restraining order had been granted to her to release her much said about new music.

District Judge Granted Megan Temporary Restraining Order Against 1501

In Harris County Texas, a district judge granted Megan Thee a temporary restraining order against 1501. Hence Megan can soon be expected to release her new song. Nonetheless, the rapper has confirmed to her fans the good news that they can soon expect new music.

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Megan had filed her case against both 1501 and Carl Crawford, label head, for at least $1 million. Nonetheless, Megan also has asked for her contract to be declared either null or terminated from now on. However, according to Megan, she would have to pay 60% of her recording income to 1501. The other 40% would have to be paid to other artists, mixers, remixers and engineers who had been a part of her recording.

Megan Mentioned The Details Of The Contract In Her Lawsuit

However, according to both Megan and her lawyers, she would have to give both 1501 and Crawford 50% of her publishing. Nonetheless, she would also be bound to pay 30% from her touring income, 30 % from merchandising. However, 1501 also had control of her merchandising rights and also a cut of even her passive income.

Nonetheless, Megan also claimed that 1501 made false promises and false representation of their brand. Alongside everything, the brand had also not taken proper measures in several aspects and did not pay her back her rightful earnings. Above all Megan claimed that the brand failed to explain the full nature of the contract. Megan claimed that she had only signed due to a series of “misrepresentations and omissions.”

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