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Shake Milton’s Humorous Nickname Had Been Selected For Him Even Before His Birth

Shake Milton had his nickname picked for him even before he was born. The nickname for one of the greatest names in Sixer history had got it from his parents. Nonetheless, Lisa Milton, Shake’s mother, told the world the tale of Milton’s amusing nickname.

Shake Milton’s Father’s Nickname Nickname For Being A Late Bloomer

Shake Milton had the beginning of his nickname’s history as early as his father’s childhood. Shake Milton’s father was a quite late bloomer. Nonetheless, when he grew up, he grew quite quickly. Quicker than any of the other kids.

According to Lisa, her husband overgrew that he acquired nicknames from the other kids. They were astonished at Myron, Lisa’s husband growing taller and quicker than any of them. The other kids often asked him “You must’ve been drinking a lot of milk!'” Myron was often called “Milk Man”

Myron Was Known As Milk Man

Nonetheless, when Myron was a part of the college basketball team, he still held on to the nickname ” MILKMAN”. Myron loved nicknames and held close to himself this specific one.

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However, when Lisa was only 27 years old, she was pregnant with Malik, her first son. Lisa recollected an incident when her friend touched her colossal belly and asked: “How is little Shake doing?”. Nonetheless, the question had startled Lisa. She asked her friend what the problem meant.

Lisa Knew That Milk Shake Would Be The Perfect Nickname For Her Son

To Lisa’s surprise, her friend answered, “You know … little ‘Milk-Shake.’” Well, that was when it clicked Lisa. She was aware of how much her husband loved nicknames. Lisa knew that this nickname would stick along.

Lisa recollected the first time the couple got their child registered and admitted at school. Her husband mentioned, ” they need to call him Shake.” And it was how everyone called him. Since then, it has been so. By pre-kindergarten, Myron made it a point that everyone knew and called him Shake.

According to other reports, Malik candidly accepted that he loves his nickname. His nickname is his identity. He said, “No one calls me Malik. … Even before I was born, they called me Shake. I’ve been Shake my whole life.”

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