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Every Selena Gomez’s Song Tells A Heart-Melting Story

The music industry has not only gifted us with the best hits but also the best couples. Yes, it has been some time, but everyone still remembers the adorable couple labeled as Jelena. However, if it has somehow slipped out of mind and is not ringing bells, it is none other than Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.

Nonetheless, the couple had adorable pictures and had been setting goals until recently. They had only broken up and went in different directions a few years ago. Some of the fans still hope that the couple may reconnect, even if it is in the future. Each of these stars had millions of followers for their hit music and loving nature.

Justin Bieber had everyone’s attention since his viral YouTube videos where he did covers as a child. However, Selena Gomez appeared on the screen as a baby in Barney and Friends. However, her second appearance as a teen in Wizards Of Waverly Place had brought her to the limelight. Instantly she was everyone’s favorite. However, from Wizards of Waverly Place, she went into the singing world. She became a sensation and reigned over hearts with her angelic voice. It was at the same time when Justin was also reigning over the music world.

Justin And Selena Both Reigned The Music World

While Justin had hits like Baby, Despacito and The One Selena had her own set of record-breaking tracks. Among her many hits, the ones which were instant hits were You’re Ready, Hands To Myself and Bad Liar. The couple had an on and off relationship. Nonetheless, since the very beginning of their relationship, all the fans were rooting for them.

Selena Gomez Claims Her Songs Tell Her Side Of The Story

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However, after the couple’s break up, it seemed that only Justin is the one who moved on. Justin is now married to Hayley Baldwin. Nonetheless, the couple’s songs seem to tell the story of their broken hearts. According to reports, Selena is still healing. She claims to have told her side of the story through her art. According to reports she feels relieved to have her side of the romance to the world through her music.

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