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Amanda Bynes Addressed Her Past Vagina Tweets And Paid Tribute To Her Favourite Drake

The 33-year-old star had thought of apologizing before she wanted to step into a new life. Nonetheless, it has been seven years since the incident when she had asked Drake to murder her Vagina. Amanda Bynes, the Hairspray actress, took to social media to address the unresolved issues.

Amanda Bynes Took To Social Media To Pay Tribute To Drake

Alongside her post of the rapper, she had the caption titled “Fav songs out now.” However, the job paid tribute to her favorite rapper and respected his art. It had a picture of the rapper from his very account. Her caption read as “DRAKE 1. Money in the grave 2. Yes Indeed. RODDY RICCH 1. Ballin 2. High Fashion.” Nonetheless, Amanda Bynes later deleted her post.

What Fans Can Recall From The Past Tweet Incidents

Meanwhile, Fans can remember the incidents from 2003 when the actress addressed several nasty tweets at celebrities. One of those very tweets were sent to the musician. She had tweeted, “I want @drake to murder my vagina.” However, she had also called Drake and several other celebrities ugly.

However, it was during that time when she was undergoing legal and personal Turmoil. She had spoken up about being under drug and having almost nil consciousness. She was in the darkest phase of her life when she had made those tweets.

Amanda Bynes Recalls Her Days In The Past

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According to a source, Amanda Bynes claimed that she just wanted to say, “Let’s do it, man.” It was her way of trying to be funny. She said that “He’s hot! What does that even mean? It just means, like, ‘F–k me, Drake!'”

However, the actress is clean and is recovering. She stays under the scrutiny of her conservative mother. Nonetheless, she is soon getting married to the love of her life Paul Michael. The two have already been engaged.

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