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Drake Dropped Double Bombs With His New Tracks

Fans are over the moon as their favorite star has dropped not one but two new songs. However, it has not only been two new songs but also doubles new videos for his new tracks. His tracks are “When to Say When” and “Chicago Freestyle,”.

Drake’s Double Surprise To All His Fans

Drake has always presented his fans with the best surprises. With double surprises, the fans are double happy. The songs are quintessentially Drake. Both of the songs seem to have a lot of things that are quite close to Drake. According to Drake these things which are included in the video have a special significance in his life.

However, the rapper might namecheck the Windy City in one of the titles. According to fans the joint visuals serves to pay homage to many things which Drake believes in and respects. It is like Eminem’s “Superman” in which the lyrics are recognizable as soon as they are being sung.

Drake’s Homage To Everything He Considers Close To Himself

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Nonetheless, Drake also pays his homage to Brooklyn’s Marcy Projects, where he had been seen while shooting. In the very location, he had even waved hi to everybody present in New York. The events were from the month of February. The beautiful luxurious melon seems to be everything. Nonetheless, everyone knows about Drake’s love and appreciation for luxury Melon and well he believes all his fans should as well. With just one click on the video, his fans can have and appreciate his tastes in life.

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Fans Took Took To Social Media To Declare Their Love For Drake

Some of the fans had gone crazy with this beautiful surprise. They took to their social media to speak about their favourite rapper. One said, “I don’t care what anyone says @Drake is the greatest alive,”. While another fan pointed at Drake’s ongoing trend of releasing two music videos, two bombs, at the same time.

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