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Better Call Saul Unravels The Tale Of Walter White Becoming Heisenberg And Links Them Directly With Jimmy’s Action

The extremely mysterious and curious awakening stories of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman still continue to unravel even after the ending of Breaking Bad. The acknowledgment and appreciation go to the movie El Camino alongside the spinoff Better Call Saul.

However, the recent episodes of Better Call Saul have revealed a surprising connection between Jimmy McGill, Walter White into Heisenberg. According to the new episodes Jimmy is responsible for turning Walter White into Heisenberg.

The New Season Unravels A Darker And Shadier Personality Of Jimmy

The new 5th season unravels and explores in greater detail Jimmy’s new persona. Jimmy has gone in a different direction from representing harmless older women to serving criminals. These criminals are anything but benign. However, those around Jimmy aren’t yet aware of his new persona. His original self mingles and mixes his dark and shadier instincts with law.

The One Action Which Led To A Series Of Havoc

However, in the “50% Off” episode, everything is not explicitly laid out which would reveal that Walter White is becoming Heisenberg. Nonetheless, it is a single shot, only a single action of Saul’s which would lead to a chain of actions and reactions. These would finally make Walter White become Heisenberg.

The One Action Which Led To The Story In Breaking Bad

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It is this single action, the one decision which dictated and drove the story of Breaking Bad. However, it is this tempting sale which starts a chain of reactions which creates greater havoc. Nonetheless, the junkies tear apart and around Albuquerque in a mad and sick rampage, stealing, robbing, and damaging almost everything.

Meanwhile, after creating a series of crimes and destroying and damaging everything, the two junkies refer to Jimmy’s sale, every time. 50% off is the one incident which had led to the butterfly effect. Jimmy had an accidental but significant role to play. It is Jimmy who differently brings together Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.

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