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Justin Chambers Final Goodbyes To Character ‘Alex Karev’ In Grey’s Anatomy In Upcoming Episode

The long time series regular, Justin Chamber, would be saying his final goodbye on the last episode which would be aired on March 5. Fans will be finally bidding adieu to one of the OGs in their favorite medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy.

The Show Had A Trailer To Bid Adieu To Chambers

However, the show, Grey’s Anatomy, is airing its 16th season. After the most recent episode of this season, there was a trailer that foretold and gave a glimpse of the upcoming goodbye episode. However, the trailer video has hinted on how the Shonda Rhimes’ created series would wrap up the Chamber’s character. Nonetheless, the video also showcases some of the best and the most significant scenes in the seasons.

However, this is not the first time that fans were aware that one of the best characters on the show, Chambers, would be leaving. Most of the people were aware that Chambers would bid farewell to this show. However, this is the first time they will know how and when Justin Chambers’ would be walking out of Grey Solan Memorial for the last time.

Justin Chambers Bid Goodbye To The Character He Played For 15 Years

According to Justin, there is no right or good time to bid farewell to a character that defined him as an actor for 15 long years. He had felt along with the character. The cast had almost become a part of him. However, he wants to diversify his acting career. He even wants to venture into new directions. Chambers thanks his wife and speaks about his amazing family and children who had always been there for him and by him.

Justin Chambers Who Had Been A Regular In The Show Thanked The Present And The Past Cast, Crew And The Audience

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According to sources Chambers even thanked the writers, producers, showrunners and all the cast and crew members. He mentions both the present and the past members and extends his heartfelt gratitude towards them. Nonetheless, Chambers also went ahead and said: ” Of course, the fans for an extraordinary ride.”

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