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Britt McHenry Unfold About Her Brain Tumour VIA Twitter, Heading Towards Surgery

Britt McHenry, Fox News commentator, and former ESPN reporter took to social media to announce the tragic news of her brain tumor. Britt stated that soon she would have to undergo surgery.

Before Being A Part Of Fox Channel, She Was Part Of ESPN

Britt McHenry is not only a commentator on Fox News but also is a host on Nation’s “UN-PC” show. McHenry had been the life and spirit of the show since its launch in February 2018. However, before being a part of the Fox channel, she spent four years with ESPN. Britt McHenry was a former ESPN reporter.

On Thursday the 33-year-old commentator and the host said that she wanted to keep her health affairs private. Her health issues were meant to stay ‘relatively private’. According to Britt, what provoked her to make an official statement was the unchecked statements which were made on social media about her.

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Britt Took To Social Media As Comments About Her Were Passed Without Her Consent

Nonetheless, she said, “As usual, things are being said without my consent,”. She cleared the air and addressed the rumors that were doing rounds. She passed the official statement about her having a brain tumor. Nonetheless, she stated that she had the support of an amazing medical team who would take proper care of her.

Britt McHenry stated, “I’m with an amazing medical team and surgery is imminent”. Nonetheless, she thanked the immense love, support and good wishes she received on social media. Despite social media being a dark place for most celebrities, it was all good vibes and prayers for Britt McHenry.

Britt McHenry Spoke About Her First MRI Scan And Wished She Had Gone For Check-Ups Earlier

Earlier in the week, Britt McHenry took to Twitter to speak about her anxious and nervous feelings. She talked about having to go through an MRI the next day. It was her first time, and she was evidently ‘pretty nervous’.

She soon announced on Twitter that she has both good and bad news. In the beginning, she expressed how very grateful she was for all the love from both friends and strangers and said that “With the best surgeons and doctors. Just another thing to take on,”

Britt also stressed upon the need for regular proper check-ups. However, she regretted not going through adequate check-ups and having to face the consequences now.

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