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Wiz Kid As MCU’s First Probable Mutant To Be Featured In Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings

With the Disney/Fox merger, Marvel Studios is going to be even bigger, as the X men on their way to MCUs. Nonetheless, Kevin Feige would be taking the slow approach with the inclusion of mutant kinds.

Kevin will likely be holding off professor X and the team for quite some time and will gradually be placing the mutants in the franchise. Meanwhile, this would mean dropping the odd mutant character in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

Wiz Kid The First Fox Character Introduced In MCU

According to insider reports Wiz Kid, from the character from the comic book, would likely be making an appearance. This martial arts-themed action movie is worth all the hype. However, it is still unknown and unconfirmed if the hero would be portrayed as a mutant in Shan Chi. However, Wiz Kid could also be the best and the first Fox character to be introduced in MCU. This merger looks exclusively a promising one.

According to Daniel Richtman, it took him to make the connection about Wiz Kid after he saw it on the grid. It was only recently that he learnt that Wiz Kid was not only a character from the comics but also a mutant.

There Are Other Mutants Who Will Probably Feature In The Much Awaited Film

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However, Wiz Kid might not be the only mutant character to make an appearance and feature in Shan Chi. According to sources and reports, a much famous X- Men character could also make a feature. However, sources are stating that Psylocke might be the one featuring in the cameo.

Wiz Kid Is The Alter Ego Of The Computer Genius Takeshi Taki Matsuya

However, Wiz Kid is nobody else, but the alter ego of the genius Takeshi “Taki” Matsuya. Takeshi is a computer genius with dyslexia who is bound to the wheelchair. Nonetheless, he possesses techno forming powers, which is the ability to create machines with his mind.

Nonetheless, Shan Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings though, would also be featuring Tony Leung as supervillain alongside Liu. Fans have to wait as it is likely to hit the cinemas in February of 2021

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