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Overload Is Making A Return After Years Of Silence As Fans Eagerly Await New Turns And Twists In Dark Anime

Every fan looked disappointed and dissatisfied with 2019 when their favorite anime series, Overload, did not make a return. However, this year is a year of hope, as Overload seems to surely be making a comeback. Kuganr Maruyama had authored Overload as a novel series. Meanwhile, the exquisitely beautiful illustrations of the novel were done by Somin.

The series had first come out in the year 2010, a decade ago. However, the first season of Overload was aired in 2015. Three successful seasons had aired since then, and the third season aired in 2018. Since then, fans had eagerly been waiting for the fourth season.

Official Date Of Release Is Yet To Be Announced

However, the official announcement of the exact date of release is still unknown. Nonetheless, it is confirmed that the fourth season will surely be airing in 2020. There has not yet been a single trailer, and fans can no longer hold calm. According to reports, a container of the new season can soon be expected.

Overload Is An Online Game World With Its Own Reality

Overload has an extremely interesting story about an online game which creates its own reality. Before it’s server finally shuts down it has a world of its own with its version of reality. One of the characters gets trapped inside the game as one of its game avatars. The character tries to escape but there seems to be no way out.

The Anime Is A Dark Thriller And Also A Drama

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However the character then embarks on his journey to find other characters who might be trapped and stuck like him. The character is beyond the ideas of morality. The character is not bound by social taboos, norms or moral conscience of any kind. Overload is not only a dark thriller but also an action packed drama.

However, numerous fan fictions are revolving around the story, and none seems to be entirely plausible.

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