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Is Johnny Depp Back As Captain Jack Sparrow In Pirates Of The Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean has been one of the most successful, loved and famous franchises across the globe. One of the reasons for this franchise’ humongous success is that it took the audience into a journey along with them to a fantasy world of pirates. Disney has done justice to the sets and backdrops, making the audience believe and virtually experience these worlds of the pirates.

Johnny Depp Has Become Synonymous With Pirates Of The Caribbean

Whenever one thinks of Pirates Of the Caribbean one thinks of Johnny Depp. The actor has almost become the face of the movie, having done more than justice to his complex yet enthralling role. According to reports the new movie, the next in the series, is soon to be expected. Pirates of the Caribbean 6 is going to hit back with a bigger than ever bang.

The New Series To Start Were The Last One Ended

Nonetheless, fans can expect that the movie will start from where the series ended. It will follow the events of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales’. In the most anticipated post-credit scenes there was quite some hint.

However, fans can definitely expect Davy Jones to be back and his revenge on Will and Elizabeth. Davy Jones also has unfinished business with Jack Sparrows. However the question of Johnny Depp with his divorce and lawsuit still ongoing makes it difficult for Disney.

Pirates Of The Caribbean May Or May Not Feature Johnny Depp Though Other Actors May Make A Comeback

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Though this new Pirates of the Caribbean may be without Johnny Depp one can definitely expect Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom. Bill Nighy can be among the few to make a comeback. However there are expectations for new actors on the set. Nonetheless, Johnny Depp is still expected to make a return. With the divorce between the couple taking new turns, fans are petitioning in favour of Johnny Depp.

Nonetheless, there are rumours and controversies over this new series. The movie cannot be expected to be released anytime before 2022. However, if fans are lucky, the film can or may be released in 2021.

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