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Warner Bros Had Declared Their Statement About Amber Heard’s Role In Aquaman Post Leak Of Records Involving Johnny Depp

Everyone held their breath post the new release of tapes regarding Amber Heard’s confession. There had been petitions stating that Amber, an alleged domestic abuser, should no longer be a part of Aquaman.

Amber Heard Faced Extreme Backlash After The Leak Of The Record

Amber Heard had faced extreme backlash since the audio release. According to the tape, Amber confessed to being the perpetrator and not the victim. The video had spread like wildfire since it’s a leak. Nonetheless, everyone had already been keenly following the blame game between the couple.

Every fan and supporter of Johnny Depp took to social media to speak how very shallow and full of lies Amber Heard had been. Fans were furious to know that Amber had not only lied about being a victim but also had been the abuser in the relationship.

Rumours About Amber Heard Being Fired

Fans across all social media platforms started campaigns against Amber Heard. They wanted Amber Heard to be dropped off by Aquaman. Fans across the globe even petitioned L’Oreal to cut off ties with Amber. Rumors were making rounds that the Warner Bros had already fired Amber Heard after this revelation about her character.

Amber Heard Will Not Be Fired By Warner Bros

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However, according to reports, Amber is not fired. Amber Heard is still on the project and a part of the Aquaman cast. According to other reports from different websites, Warner Bros doesn’t care about the fiasco happening on the internet.

Warner Bros Does Not Care About Social Media

Necessarily Warner Bros does not have an interest in social media. The case between the once upon a time couple is still ongoing, and there are new revelations every time. According to reports, Warner Bros do not seem to give attention to these and hold firm to their decision of not firing Amber Heard.

However, the case between the ex-couple is still on. Though Amber Heard does not seem to have the argument in her favour, they seem to have evidence against Johnny Depp. Amber Heard’s team is yet to produce the evidence, and no one knows in which direction the case might tilt.

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