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Instagram Model Vanished Into Thin Air From L.A And Is Speculated To Be Murdered Though Her Body Is Yet Be Found

Brazilian Instagram model who had shifted to Los Angeles to pursue her modelling career has gone missing. The famous Instagram model Ana Braga had disappeared since 29th January, only a couple of days after her birthday. Authorities of both the states are investigating the suspicious disappearance mystery.

Missing Model Had Probably Been Murdered

According to reports from both California and Oklahoma the model has probably been murdered by two men. These two men have even been convicted and have confessed to the alleged crime. Nonetheless these claims are yet to be verified by the police.

However, it was only recently when her car, a white 2015 Honda Accord, had been tracked down to the parking area at Remington Park. It is at a casino and racetrack in Oklahoma. It has been weeks since the car had been collecting dust in the parking lot of the Casino. Even her family had last heard from the model, Ana Braga, on 29th January.

After her missing report the police authority had pinged Braga’s car and tracked it. From her car the identification details of Braga were obtained and verified. However there are reports from the Los Angeles police that they have received footage with tragic news about the model.

Police have Footage To Testify That Missing Model Was Murdered By Two Men

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According to Los Angeles police the footage shows Braga’s Lifeless body alongside a belt and electrical cord. The belt and electrical cord were wrapped around her neck. However, it seems that she was probably choked to death.

According to Oklahoma police they have footage of two men leaving Braga’s car in the parking lot. They then had left the location in a green mini van.

However on the 14th of February a woman’s body with an electrical cord and belt wrapped around her neck was discovered. However there are no reports of identification of the discovered body.

Missing Model’s Family Hope To Receive Her Last Possessions

Nonetheless Ana Braga’s family and friends believe that she is murdered. They firmly believe that Braga is no longer alive. Even Braga’s mother had asked for her last remains to be sent back to Minas Gerais. She believes that though she may no longer have her daughter, she can at least have her final possessions.

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