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Gigi Hadid Sides With Boyfriend Zayn Malik’s, When YouTuber Jake Paul Accused Zayn Of Vulgarity

Gigi Hadid like the perfect girlfriend took her boyfriend, Zayn Malik’s side recently. The supermodel took to Twitter and publically showed what Zayn means to her. The couple has recently confirmed their relationship in January after their split a year ago. But now Gigi is loving Zayn even harder and leaving no stone unturned to take his side.

The Whole Controversy

Well, all of this mumbo jumbo happened after Zayn was accused of delivering foul mouth comments to YouTuber, Jake Paul, 23. Both Zayn and Paul had recently watched the Tyson Fury v Deontay Wilder match which took place at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand on Sunday. Things got a bit sour between the two after the match ended.

Jake accused Zyan of saying, “f**k off” for no good reason. According, to Jake, he just walking and just minding his business when the former One Direction singer insulted him out of nowhere. Jake narrowly avoided a physical altercation with Zayn.

Then Jake went on complaining about the way he was treated by the singer and this was not very much liked by his girlfriend.

Gigi Publically Bashed Jake

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Gigi Hadid, 24 sided with Zayn and bashed the controversial Youtuber who recently made headlines after splitting with wife after just a few months of marriage.

Although, She chose Twitter to take out her rage on the Youtuber who according to her accused her boyfriend falsely. She branded Jake as ‘embarrassing’. She added that her boyfriend, Zayn, is unaffected and unbothered by his ‘irrelevant ugly a**’.

This find of foul-mouthed exchange had made controversies. While being a good girlfriend, Gigi did not care to stop herself from being harshly critical.

While on the one hand the Bizaardvark actor Jake recalled his encounter with Zayn said he was caught off-guard by his selfish attitude. Whereas on the other Gigi Hadid has no plans to stay silent either.

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