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As Season 5 About To Wrap, Creators Of Battlefield Hints Upcoming Season 6

DICE will be launching its next significant content drop to Battlefield 5. It will be launched next month entitled Chapter 6 Enter The Jungle. It will also be releasing as a free update to PC and also for the console players on February 6th.

The last year’s war in The Pacific expansion, which also brought back the fan-favorite map Wake Island to the first-person shooter, the new chapter will go even deeper into the Pacific Theatre. With their new maps set in the Solomon Islands alongside more weapons, gadgets, Elite Characters, and Progression rewards.


The trailer of the new part has been launched by DICE. Some part of the area which are unique and the weapons have been shown in a short glimpse. The fans of the game now have some idea of how it will be in the latest chapter. They are very much excited and want it eagerly. The quality of the gameplay looked much better in the trailer of the new branch.

Premium Booster Pack

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DICE is also coming up with a Chapter 6 Premium Booster Pack, and it contains 2000 Battlefield currency, then there is Three Special Assignments. There is a 20% chapter XP Boost, alongside a variety of other digital goods.

This Enter The Jungle is just the second stage of Battlefield 5’s two-year plan. This also hopes to revitalize the whole game and bring back new players following a rocky launch period. We are hoping that the studio’s efforts will begin to see the game make a Star Wars Battlefront 2, style comeback.

On the other hand, EA has confirmed that the new Battlefield 6 is in work for the next-gen. This seems like a piece of good news for the fans of the game. We hope that that new part will also come as soon as possible, and in outstanding high quality.

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