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Few Jammy Countries, Will Not Be Handed Down With Avengers Endgame, On Netflix

Will Avengers Endgame be streaming on Netflix? Well, for some of the lucky fans, it is yes, But for some, it’s an unfortunate no. Avengers end game 22nd title of the marvel cinematic universe. And the last title in the 3rd phase of the shared world.

The marvel studios had a contract with Disney, and since Captain Marvel, it has been streaming in Disney+, instead of Netflix.

Some Countries Proves Unfortunate, In Streaming Marvel Movies: 

The United States of America is one of the unfortunate countries in which Netflix won’t be streaming Marvel movies anymore. Whereas U.K, Argentina, Brazil, India, and few other countries will be having the marvel movies premiering on Netflix for now. It is not sure if Disney is going to take the franchise and publish the next film in its own streaming service Disney+.

Avengers endgame was one of the brilliant movies of the marvel universe which has connected the emotions of almost everyone. It shows how half of the world’s population disappears from the universe, and the avengers failed to stop happening.

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Tony Stark is left in the space without food and water sending messages to Pepper Potts. While the others who were left on the earth were planning to get the people back who vanished from the universe?

Why Thanos Diminished Only Half Population?: 

The next series of this fight of Avengers and Thanos was Avengers Infinite War. The fans have equally liked that. The lost population was brought back in this movie by the invention of the time machine.

If Thanos ever had evil-intention to rule the world, he would have killed everyone. The purpose of diminishing half of the population instead of full may be coming in the next movies of marvel. To unwrap the secrets of the marvel universe, stay tuned for the latest updates.

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