Ben Affleck Mentions Bradley Cooper And Robert Downey For Helping Him Out Through His Alcoholism Phase


He Reveals The Support Of Stars:

Ben Affleck, the star who has been highlighted. For his pathetic condition comes forward to speak about the supporting pillars in his life, who had helped him out from his darkest phase of life. It is not undercover that Ben Affleck has been fighting a battle with alcohol; he has been into juice for a longer time. Since then, his life has been miserable. The addiction to alcohol was on the verge of eating up his life and, of course, him when some great personalities moved ahead to help him out through this darkest phase.

It is to be noted that Ben Affleck. He never hid about his alcohol rehabilitation with alcohol and has always updated his fans about his battle with alcohol addiction. While talking to The New York Times he told that this worse phase would have been worse without the support of some eminent personalities who had come forward to act as a supporting pillar to him, he took the name of some high profile actors such as Bradley Cooper and Robert Downey Jr. who were there to boost up his morale in the time of vulnerability and melancholy, he extends his heartfelt thanks specially to these two people.

He Talked About The Recovery:

After expressing his gratitude towards. These tow great men, Bradley Cooper, 45-year-old and  54-year-old Robert Downey Jr. The 47-year-old Ben Affleck added that already a great deal of time was passed. When he realised that he is addicted with alcohol. He basically elaborated on how it took time for him to accept the fact. That he was under the addiction of alcohol. He also said that while one recovers, the merits such as being honest, helpful ,kind and also being held accountable and apologizing. For doing something wrong gets inculcated with the passage of time.


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