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Zendaya And Jacob Elordi Lovestruck Since Long, Rumours Say The Couple Has Been Dating For Months Now

After Zendaya and Jacob Elordi were found kissing on the streets of New York, speculations regarding their relationship status have been on. But a source has confirmed something spicy. It looks like the tall and handsome Jacob Elordi is all taken now. Even the sensational Zendaya has left many of her lovers heartbroken. The chemistry between them is magnetic, and it seems love is seriously in the air for both of them.

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Jacob And Zendaya, A Couple

According to a trusted source, Jacob and Zendaya have been dating for months now. This news popped up on Monday, and since then the internet has gone all crazy over this stuff. The sight of them kissing publicly on the streets of New York was indeed one to behold. Soon pictures started flooding the internet and social media sites.

But most of us would be thinking that it must be a date or a casual fling, but that’s not the truth. It turns out Zendaya and Jacob have been together was a considerable time now.

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Sources are saying that the increased closeness between the two developed during the filming of their show, Euphoria. Thus, it looks like the show is to blame for bestowing us with a couple as beautiful as them.

“Jacob and Zendaya have been seeing each other for months now. They started as close friends, but it became romantic after their show ended,” said the source.

The source even added, “They have been inseparable since last summer and have been making time for each other between projects. Jacob has met Zendaya’s family, and everyone adores him. They have a lot of fun together and have a lot in common.”

But Jacob had denied rumors looming around them. He had said on one occasion, “Zendaya is like my sister.” He had said this in November. But it looks like things have changed a lot since then.

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