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Sex Education Season 2 Included A Huge Development For Gillian Anderson’s Jean

The very new season of Sex Education Season 2 includes a considerable development for Gillian Anderson’s Jean, continuing a trend. The actress who dates back to The X-Files.

Surprising News For Jean

Gillian Anderson’s Dr. Jean Milburn gets pregnant in the new season of Sex Education season 2. It is much to surprise of both herself and also the viewers. This makes an odd trend for the actress of Netflix’s Sex Education so far. She is playing the Sex Therapist mother of the series protagonist Otis, although the whole show follows her romantic entanglements as well.

Undoubtedly, she remains the best known for her roles as FBI Special Agent Dana Scully on Fox’s The X Files. She also appeared over more than two hundred episodes of the alien-centric series. Jean and Scully both are reasonably different characters with very different jobs they have.

This thing does not mean that Sex Education season2 cannot continue on a storytelling device that was once used on more than one occasion.

Jakob And Jean Relation

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In the new part of Sex Education, we see that Jean is dating her neighbor, Jakob. The complicated matters is the father of Otis’ girlfriend, Ola. The things do not work out for either couple, with both of them breaking up in season 2 signs of progress. There is a big twist in the story of Jean and Jakob.

At the end of Sex Education season 2, when the character Jean is seeking medical advice because she is not well. This thing then turns out to be that Jean is pregnant, and Jakob is the father. This should not have been happened, however, since Jakob had some vasectomy. If that is sounding familiar, it is because it is a trick The X-Files pulled out once.

The very first time a Gillian Anderson character fell pregnant against the odds and also she did not believe that it could happen. It was in The X Files season 7 finale named as ‘Requiem’. At that time it was treated as a big mystery.


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