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“Pokemon Go” Solved The Loophole, That Was Browned By Players, Wielding Android Custom Recovery

The new method that came into account to prevent the game cheating done by players before. The Players who like to root and modify their Androids use Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP), which is a popular alternative recovery method for them.

The new thread on Reddit states the Pokemon GO will not run if it recognizes signs of cheating in the device’s storage. This augmented reality game (AR) cheating is prevent using the same method.

Pokemon Go Introduced Customized Software To Prevent App-Cheating:

Niantic made a popular AR mobile game Pokemon Go, which has become notorious for measures that scan for customization-related software. The player will be banned if they will do these kinds of activities to prevent in-app cheating. Still, some players say it as useless, and abuse of the permission allowed. To access a device’s external storage.

The newest possible ill consequence of this “anti-cheating” code purportedly aims TWRP recoveries and may forbid their users. This happens by the detection of folders with the name in a device’s file-system. Also, one Redditor alleges that the use of a distinct form of recovery, OrangeFox, has ensued in the same.

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Moreover, the app Titanium Backup, which assists a user to restore their apps. Following a full wipe of their mobile’s storage, also now purportedly triggers Pokémon GO’s tackling response.

What Is TWRP In Pokemon Go Game:

Kieron Quinn, the android developer, states that the game can perform this even the ‘storage’ permission has been dismissed. The Niantic app has also purportedly committed bans to the players of the root app Magisk earlier. However, the developer has discussed this by making its folders to get on names that Pokemon GO can’t remember.

Therefore, players may be capable of applying the same resolution to problems recently linked to the ubiquity of TWRP.

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