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Phantasy Star Online 2: Here Is How You Can Play It In English Before The 2020 Launch In Spring

There are only two camps of English-speaking Phantasy Star Online 2 players. On one side, people who are obsessed with the original PSO on Dreamcast and have been playing it for years. On the other hand, well, people who are equally obsessed with the original PSO on Dreamcast and got an exquisite brief taste of the game.

Seriously, if you are also the impatient kind and experiencing withdrawals, then keep reading. I hope you like it.

Among the PSO2 hardcore, this is a known quantity. But for many players, it is likely just under the radar. One can play the game right now on their PC.

The Ingredients

  1. Any PC sold or built in the last eight years.
  2. A software called PSO2Tweaker.
  3. A Japanese Sega ID
  4. Little patience for the SEGA ID process.

Playing it on PSO2 JP servers might seem like a waste of time. But there are so many mechanics and so much to wrap around your head.

Where Do We Find The English Players

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One can find an abundance of English players, too, especially with all the buzz following the recent closed beta. Bumped.org confirms that Ships 2, 4, and 10 have the highest populations of English players.

Now, Get Going Gamers

Some helpful people at Arks- Layer and Bumped.org have already written the perfect guides to get you through the Sega ID registration process and the download and installation of the PSO2 client.

Steps For You To Follow To Download

  1. Set up the PSO2 Tweaker
  2. Guide To Setting up Your Sega ID.

The steps, as mentioned earlier, will help you if you follow them correctly. Follow them in this order so that you can also get Phantasy Star Online2 downloading before you step through the SEGA ID registration process. This may take up some time, so I suggest you be patient through the process.

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