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Post-Apocalyptic Show ‘The 100’ Coming Back For Its Season 7 With Heavy Twists And Turns

‘The 100’ has been a favorite fan show for almost six years now. This show has always been sublime and okay-ish, to remain in the industry. But, this season is expected to offer much more twists and turns.

Shooting Began Last August

The show was announced for season 7 on August 7, 2019. Every time, this show came in the spring time but this year, it is expected to be a bit prolonged. As the filming began in August 2019 itself, it is expected to end somewhere in March 2020. It means that it is impossible to be released in Spring (April) 2020.

The show is solely based on the future, some 97-years forward, so it is hugely done through special effects. These effects itself can take 2-3 months because they are done in post-production. So this year, the season would get air around August or October. It is just a wild guess, and it can be sooner too. This season will be the final, so it is expected to go all out.

The Cast

Season 7 will hopefully center around Octavia’s ghost. As it is based on novels, the show certainly has taken something from them and even elevated some. There is a battle to be expected in this season plus the mysteries of previous seasons to be revealed too.

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The main cast will come back for the final season.

Marie Avgeropoulos will reprise her role as Octavia Blake.

Bob Morley will reprise his role as Bellamy Blake.

Lindsey Morgan will reprise her role as Raven Reyes.

Shelby Flannery will reprise her role as Hope.

Alaina Huffman will reprise her role as Nikki.

Shannon Kook will reprise his role as Jordan Green.

Plus, there would be tons of supporting casts, as usual, along with high visual effects and some great storylines. Watch out for it this autumn.

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