Justin Beiber’s New Album Released On Valentine’s day Leaves His Fans questioning About His Wife Hailey Baldwin’ Pregnancy

Mandatory Credit: Photo by AFF-USA/Shutterstock (10541144i) Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber 'Justin Bieber: Seasons' TV show premiere, Regency Bruin Theatre, Los Angeles, USA - 27 Jan 2020

He Released His New Album:

Justin Beiber, a singer who is a heart beat to millions out there. On the occasion of Valentine’s day released his new album “changes,” which provokes his fans to think whether his girlfriend, named as Hailey Baldwin is pregnant, Justin Beiber released his twenty-fifth album on Friday, it is to be noted that Justin’s career took heights after the release of his song “As Long As You Love Me.”

Most Of His Songs Revolve Around The Theme Of Love:

It is also to be noted that most of the Beiber’s song, strongly revolves around love, family, sex, wife, and children, one would always find a tinge of excitement in a great blend of love affairs and sexual relations in his songs. After he released his album this Friday, on the beautiful occasion of Valentine’s day, many of his fans came up on twitter to shoot their questions that consisted only about the pregnancy of Hailey Baldwin, who is his wife and is supposed to be 23-year-old.

A Song Featuring A Baby:

The song that received attention. More than enough was titled as “All Around Me,” the song features a little baby coos right before the song ends, the song could have been perceived the other way round but many of Justin’s fans, want to believe that his wife Hailey Baldwin is pregnant with his child, the fans questioned whether there is going to be a baby soon who would be called as small Beiber because at the end of the song there was a cry of a baby, which left audience and especially his fans in Dilemma.

The Couple Has Not Responded To The Rumors:

The couple on this rumor has not responded yet. Though Hailey once told that she really loves kids and would love to have her own, but she also mentioned that she is not looking forward to any such thing for now.


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