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True Love Or Pure Insanity?: Woman Shot By Ex Husband 4 Times While Ready To Be Shot 40 Times, But Wants Her Fiancé Back

A crazy lunatic ex-husband of a woman shot her four times and then killed her fiance, all for true love. Now she is left alone and wailing and ready to be shot ten times but is not prepared to part from her fiancé.

Have to Recover From Two Immense Pains

Natalie Marx was shot four times last week in West Valley City by her ex-husband. Now she has returned home from the hospital and is with her mother. But, they both knew that something like this would happen one day, and it did. Now, Marx has to recover from two life-changing pains, of her injuries, and of losing her fiancé, Nathan Bower.

She said her ex-husband told her that he was going to come after her and finish her. He said, “I will come for you.”

Custody Battle For Years

Marx and her ex-husband, Jeremy Reed Harris, got divorced years ago, but the custody battle was still on. They had three children between their marriage, and their fates were not sealed yet.

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Marx said that in recent months, Harris had been trying to get her alone. Reportedly, Harris came to her home this Friday, when her fiancé was leaving the house to go to work. She remembers hearing Nathan’s voice saying, “call the police… Natalie, call the police!”. Harris had a gun, and she tried to scream at him to get out, but it was already too late. He fired his first shot before she could finish her sentence.

There Were Kids In The House

Harris was not a model citizen; for obvious reasons, and had some mental issues. So, the kids were living with Natalie. She ran to hide them, and he came after her, after Nathan.

Natalie was shot four times, but she survived, Nathan didn’t. She said emotional pain is far excruciating than the physical pain. She said she ready to suffer ten times more physical pain than to suffer even an ounce of the emotional pain of losing her fiancé.

Harris’ body was found later that day, too, with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Case closed, but the pain will remain forever.

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