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Travis Scott Seems Unsettled, After Kylie Jenner Caught With Drake To Cameras

Whenever Hollywood stars give a break to their relation, there will be a lot happening in the social media of the reasons and the daily updates of them. If in any case, they meet up there will a lot of guess works will take place by the fans. So this is regarding the relationship of Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner

Their relationship on roads of recovery :

Since last year after their breakup, there are many times Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott were spotted together. They have even attended the Vanity Fair Oscar party together. Travis Scott was also having a great time with Kylie Jenner’s family. This was not the first time they were also seen at Disney World taking their daughter Stormi. Even both Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott celebrated the second birthday of Stormi.

So after their breakup, it was quite evident that there are definitely in love. But it would take some time for them to figure this out as they were so young to make such a decision. Even Kylie Jenner was feeling thus pressurised by the public and the questions from them. As of now, both Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are spending a lot of time with their daughter, and they made it clear that it was their priority always. So Kylie Jenner is waiting for a permanent commitment from Travis Scott to make sure that they are again back in relation.

He was so protective and possessive of her :

Despite loving Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott is a lot protective and possessive towards her. He does not like whenever she hangs out with any star. Recently she was spotted hanging out with star rapper Drake. Reacting to this Travis Scott was completely unhappy seeing her with him.

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Even reports have spilt out that she was dating her ex Tyga as she was photographed right next to where the rapper was performing. Seeing all this, Travis Scott is not at all thrilled watching this. So let time be the answer to their relationships.

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