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Mans Breaks Into A house And Stabs 11-Year-Old Boy, A Random Act Of Senseless Violence Says Police

An 11-year-old boy was allegedly stabbed by a man in a domestic invasion in Michigan.

Man Stabs a Teenager

A man allegedly stabbed an 11-year-old boy in Grand Rapids, Michigan. According to The Michigan State  Police Department, this man broke into their house. He then stabbed this innocent teenager. Yahira Suarez, mother of the victim told that she heard sounds of breaking in her house. She then heard her child scream. Soon she rushed to see what was going on. She found her child in blood and injured.

Around 3.00 am Suarez called 911 and reported the event. She was worried and didn’t know hat to do. Soon The Michigan State  Police Department sent multiple agents to the events. According to them, they found their house ambushed and the boy was stabbed 4 times on the back of the neck. One of the stabs was so hard that a piece of the knife was stuck in his mouth.

Convict Caught Within An Hour

The Michigan State  Police Department made their investigation right away. They brought in their elite K9 unit in action. The attacker was found in 30 mins. Denny William McNees, 21 didn’t have a way to escape and was caught. Police charged him with assault with intent to murder and home invasion.

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Denny William McNees is now kept in the Kent County Jail. He holds a bond of $500,000.His hearing is told to be on February 18. Valerie Foster, McNees’s attorney didn’t comment on this case. The Kent County Prosecutor’s office also kept their silence in this case. Police said it is a random act. He must have tried to break open the house.

Suarez said that her son is suffering from autism. She said that he is suffering from trauma. He is one of the sweetest kids in the world. Her son is actively recovering from injuries and trauma.

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