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Jeanie Mai Speaks About Being Subjected To Xenophobic Insults Online With The Outbreak Of Coronavirus

With the fear and anxiety about Coronavirus rising to new heights, Jeanie Mai has been trolled and insulted for her Asian origins. Jeanie Mai, the co-host of The Real talk show, has been accused of being a victim of Coronavirus, which had broken out in Wuhan City, China.

Meanwhile, numerous had become victims of the deadly respiratory disease caused by Coronavirus. The number of people infected by Coronavirus had been rising, like the number of deaths in Wuhan, China.

Jeannie Mai Is Attacked Online For Her Racial Origins

However, as the number of deaths has increased, more memes and humorous contents regarding the situation are being made. These memes are essentially racist and insensitive. Though Jeanie Mai had not been a victim of the deadly Novel Coronavirus, she had become a victim of internet trolls and insults. These memes accused Jeanie Mai of being infected with the virus.

A New Face Of Insensibility And Xenophobia Is Brought To Limelight After Coronavirus Outbreak

According to Jeanie Mai, these posts are not only racist and xenophobic but also insensitive. It does not respect or has any regard for the people who are actually infected by the virus and have even died.

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Jeanie Mai spoke about an event during one of her The Real talk shows, which had occurred when Jeezy, her boyfriend, and she were in the fashion show.  Jokes on one of the pictures of the couple from the event there were insulting. One even commented, “Don’t be catching that [Coronavirus] Jeezy.” According to Jeanie, there have been several such comments across several social media platforms.

Jeanie Raises Voice Against Rising Xenophobia

Jeanie Mai raises concerns that with the outbreak of Coronavirus, Xenophobia regarding people of Asian origin have taken a nastier turn. Xenophobia is hatred and a deep-rooted fear of ‘other,’ especially ‘foreigners.’ Thus, to know more and make nil insensitive comments, education is important.

Jeanie Mai asks people to educate themselves more about the disease and be more careful. Making insensitive comments and spreading fears would only create unnecessary panic. Loni Love has further encouraged the Asian community. They are asked to share their stories and re-correct the misinformation regarding the disease.

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