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‘I’m Here To Kill A Mexican’, Man Yelled Outside Tire Store, Got Allegedly Attacked By Shop Owner

The Latino shop owner attacked outside of his Utah tire store testifies in federal court against the man who came in yelling,’

Jose Lopez has a tire shop at Utah. Where he along with his son, Luis Lopez, and his brother Angel Lopez work together. All of them have immigrated from Mexico to Utah.

They have been facing racism. By a man who came yelling at their shop saying that he hates Mexicans and started beating them up with a rod that seemed like that of a road signboard.

Incident, Driven By A Vicious Man:

It was a beautiful morning and both the father and the son entered the shop with the soup that Jose’s wife had sent for them as breakfast. They heard some sounds from outside and came out to see. They saw this man entered into their property threatening them that he will kill them as they are Mexicans. The Lopezs tried to persuade him out of the property. By listening to the sounds Angel Lopez came out and joined the other 2 men in persuading the racist.

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They were able to drive him to the driveway. Where he saw one of the Lopez carrying the handle of a Jack and started the attack. He hit the right eye, cheek, and nose of Luis that made him unconscious. To protect Luis, his father covered him with his body and had been hit in that action. But later, Angel was able to threaten the man and sued him away when the police arrived.

Lawsuit For The Crime:

The case was taken to the court that had proved that the man was after the Mexican Mafia who had killed his daughter. The man was also intoxicated at the time of the attack and hence he was not able to know his course of action.

The Mexican family was feeling insecure at the place that they expressed in front of the court. They were also found that they had immigrated to the place illegally.

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