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Gay Couple Highlighted For Their Divorce Over A Weird Argument, That Involved Cardi B And Nickey Minaj

They Broke Up On A Silly Feud:

The two gay couples namely, Don’te and D’andrew Leaphart. Have been in the news and also have become a matter of great discussion among the people, as they are determined to divorce with each other and end their relationship on a silly feud. We have heard couples divorcing each other on serious matters. Still, these people have nailed it as they have been highlighted for divorcing for a silly reason.

He Disclosed The Reason In A Reality show:

After their divorce, in one of the reality shows named as Divorce Court that is being hosted by Lynn Toler one out of them, D’ Andrew appeared where he disclosed the silly reason for his separation with his partner named as Don’t, he told that one of the purposes of their divorce is The Nick Minaj and Cardi B beef, he said that he supported Cardi B where his partner was always in favor of Nick minaj, the judge Lynn Toler was completely shocked after hearing it from D’ andrew, he asked where D’Andrew was serious about what he said.

There Were Some Underlying Issues:

Don’t then said that there were some underlying issues. That made the two disagree upon each of the female rappers. He also noted that D’andrew was tagged as someone who is ungrateful and also disrespectful at the same time, and then accepted that their fights and arguments were the time wherein he used to be disrespectful and ungrateful.

People Were Shocked After Hearing This:

The public after hearing the reason of separation. And divorce between the two gay couple, were stunned; they did not even believe that this could be the reason for someone’s divorce and partition. Some of the people also gave shrewd and weird comments to the couple.

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