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Former Convict Tried To Assault And Kidnap A Deaf Woman; Finally Saved By An Unknown Male

The woman is accused of assaulting a deaf woman outside a Starbucks. The woman’s daughter reported the incident on social media. The accused has a significant criminal record.

A Quick Coffee Run Before A Birthday

The victim is a deaf woman, and she was assaulted by a woman who also came to Starbucks. The victim’s daughter came out and told her mother’s story. Jennifer Parker, the daughter, said a woman tapped her mother and grabbed her tight. She said it was a terrifying moment for her mom. The suspect is found to be a woman named Keysha Davis.

Reportedly, Davis tried to grab the victim and put her into her car. The victim was a 74-year-old woman who gave a detailed description of what happened at the Greensboro Starbucks parking. The Greensboro police reported the incident, and according to the sources, another stranger helped the woman escape from this situation.

“Get Out Of Here, Just Go”

Reportedly, a man came and grabbed Davis, who was catching the 74-year-old victim. She pushed Davis out of the woman’s sight and told the woman to lock her car and go away. The savior held on to the woman until the deaf woman was miles away. They still don’t know who he was, but they are incredibly thankful.

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Parker reported the whole incident on a social media platform. Her mom wasn’t the only one who suffered something like this.

There was a massive inflow of comments from people saying something like this happened to them, too, but they never talked about it. Parker said more people should come forward and report their grievances and discomforts because if not, how are the crimes going to stop.

Davis was apprehended and was taken to jail, but just hours later, she was bailed out. Parker was furious as she wanted “her to spend at least a night in jail.” Greensboro police station has also come forward, urging people to report the crimes so that they could do something about it. They said if you are ever in a comfortable or dangerous situation, call the local police immediately.

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