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First Date Becomes A Nightmare For Massachusetts Woman When Her Date Forces Her To Become His Getaway Driver After Robbery

Most people have dreadfully scary first date stories, but this one would probably top them all. The first date turns out to be a nightmare when a Massachusetts woman unknowingly becomes a getaway driver after her partner robs a bank. According to reports, the unnamed woman was on her first date with the man whom she had met online.

According to the District Attorney’s office, the woman’s online date, Christopher Castillo, had pleaded guilty to the police on several accounts. Christopher Castillo had pleaded guilty to armed robbery alongside three counts of assault and battery on a police officer.

According to police reports and documents, Christopher Castillo had been sentenced to three years of prison on account of armed robbery. As a result of physically assaulting, while struggling and spitting on a police officer, Castillo had also been sentenced to two more years in the Bristol County House of Corrections.

The Woman Who Had Been On The Date Had Not Been Convicted On Any Account

The woman who had been the getaway driver had not been accused on any account. According to the woman the date started when the woman had picked up Castillo from his parent’s house in Rhode Island. She then drove him for 30 minutes towards North Attleboro, Massachusetts. In the beginning the man even drank wine in the passenger seat of her Nissan Maxima.

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According to the woman the two never met before that unfortunate day. It was their first date. The two of them had online virtually known each other through a dating app. The woman stated that she did not suspect anything when her date asked her to stop at the bank.

The Woman’s Date Returned To Car With Cash And Gun

To the woman’s horror the guy returned to the car, sweating profusely, with cash and gun in hand. He instructed her to drive. The woman in her moment of panic accepted all the orders her date made with a gun in his hand.

According to police reports Castillo entered the bank and pointed his gun towards a man. He then asked the man to pay him whatever cash he had as he was ‘really hurting’. The man handed him the $1,000 Castillo had demanded. After fleeing from the scene, he returned to his date’s car and instructed her to drive.

However, terrified at the entire event, Castillo ‘s date started driving her Maxima complying with her date’s demands. However, once she spotted the sirens from North Attleboro Police cruisers, she stopped over and walked away. The woman left her partner in her car.

According to reports, the police pulled out Castillo from his date’s car while he vigorously struggled the entire time. He even spat on the police officers present at the scene. He denied all the charges and stated that his gun was not yet loaded.

The Police Found .44 Caliber Handgun And All The Other Details Of The Described Robber From Him

According to reports, after the police handcuffed and subdued Castillo, they searched the car. From the car, they found the handgun which Castillo had been carrying along with the sunglasses and cap he had been wearing. Everything matched with the description from the scene of robbery along with the money in his wallet.

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