A thirty-seven years old person named as Mr. Ujemu Omena, who has declined medicinal treatment for his twenty-two months past infant lass experiencing hydrocephalus, an uncommon ailment described by head amplification in babies, in Sapele, Delta State, has fled home with the youngster.

The Source Of The Family Members:

The family members source told the Vanguard that; “Valuable, the youngster was brought into the planet with hydrocephalus and therefore the guardians who were recently hitched then seen that the infant’s head was getting bigger.

Moreover, “Having seen this, they began running from column to post. Just to get the disease was hydrocephalus, mostly in sight of money and strict conviction, the guardians have wouldn’t search for therapeutic assistance, they’re Jehovah Witnesses and he said their confidence disallows transfusion .”

Statement Of Gwamnishu:

On the day of Monday, Gwamnishu Harrison who was an extremist. Having been greatly educated regarding the youngster’s condition on a Facebook news stage, Sapele Unugbragada raged the house of Mr. Ujemu offering to foot the kid’s doctor’s visit expenses however amazingly, Ojemu turned down the offer, pertaining to strict conviction, a choice that has pulled in judgments from online networking clients. But today, Ujemu was said to possess fled his Benin Road home inverse Urhiapele lyceum home with the infant.

The Chamber Administrator Said That;

The chamber administrator who was named as Eugene Inoaghan. Who had raged minimal Precious dad’s arrangement revealed to Vanguard. That he was at minimal Precious dad’s home to recover her from them for treatment. To get he has fled his home with the infant. These were the words said by him to the parents of the twenty-two months old infant “We do everything we’ll to urge her for prescription however the dad said he’s distant yet we will do all that we will to contact him and recover the infant for treatment.”


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