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A Middle Aged Girl Shares Her Horrifying Valentine’s Story, Says Loneliness Could Be Disaster Sometimes

She Met Him Online:

She was fascinated with his facebook posts. Shannon Ashley, a girl who got madly in love with a blogger, she did not know that the same man would respond to her, she goes on to speak that seven years ago she met this man in an online world where anyone could be easily deceived, specially lonely people who are trying to find friends and build new relations through social media, she was also the one who was trapped seven years ago when she was in the state of utter loneliness.

This Is the Man I Want To Marry, She Spoke To Herself:

the lady goes on to reveal that in Valentine’s week, she encountered the man, who was working with a non-profit organization. After seeing his blogs and focus on something of great importance and urgent need, she felt bent towards him, in short, she was smitten and thought that she had always wanted to marry such guy, all this was going on Facebook, while one fine day in the valentine’s week she got a text from him saying that he was equally interested.

The Lady had A Breakup:

The time when they both met this lady. Ashley was really going through her toughest of times as she says that she lost 45 kg and was done with her fiance, whom she thinks was not right for her, she was really lonely and depressed when she met this guy and after being responded by him, she felt that everything was just a dream and that they both were meant to be together.

He turned Out To Be A Cheater:

After a week so or later she came to know that the man. Whom she was madly in love with was actually a big fraud, when she got to meet him in reality, she noticed that she was treated badly, he was uninterested and later it was revealed that he had a wife and kids too and was engaged with many more girls in an attempt to fool more and more. She thus concluded that it was her loneliness and weakness that let her in such a situation and also some contribution of the valentine’s week when the love is said to be in the air.

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